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What Are The Health Dangers Of Obesity?

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There is a definite problem in the world that is linked to our weight. Millions of people in this world are obese, which means that they have a BMI or Body Mass Index of thirty or more. 

Now, there are dangers to the health of these people that are directly linked to the obesity problem. 

While the fact of losing weight has long been something that bodes well with the doctors of the world, only in the past ten or so years has the link between obesity and certain health conditions been found..

The sad fact of the matter is that more than three hundred thousand deaths per year can be linked to obesity, which is a truly staggering number. Of those deaths, more than half were what you would consider to be premature, or people who were still in middle age or even less. So as you can see there is a definite need for people to lose weight.

Lets take a look at some of the health dangers that affect the obese people of the world.


Studies have shown that a person that is obese doubles their risk of contracting type two diabetes. This can mean a whole host of health problems that are associated with this disease. It should also be noted that type two diabetes is not curable and can only be controlled through medication. 

Type two diabetes severely limits the life style of the victims. Not only is the diet extremely restricted but also the fact that constant injections are necessary to maintain the blood sugar levels of the patients. Increased weight is a direct cause of this terrible disease that strikes hundreds of thousands of people every year.

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Heart Disease 

Those people in the world with a Body Mass Index of thirty or more increase their chances of developing heart disease by one hundred percent. Heart disease can come in many forms, including chronic coronary artery disease, which is a non-curable hardening of the heart arteries. 

The risk of heart attack is also greatly increased and those people who are carrying extra weight are more likely to die from a minor heart attack then those that have a healthy weight limit.


Obese people are much more likely to develop certain types of cancer. Studies indicate that colon, gall bladder, and prostate cancer are all increased in people with an elevated Body Mass Index. 

Also you should be aware that obesity severely limits the success of most cancer treatments. Increased body weight can mean higher doses of therapies are necessary, making it much more difficult to fight the cancer.

Breast Cancer 

Women who have developed obesity have increased their chances of developing postmenopausal breast cancer many times over. Weight gain in middle age is deadly for women and is even more so when they reach menopause age. 

Obesity is a direct cause of breast cancer in many women and makes treatment difficult and largely unsuccessful. 

High Blood Pressure 

Your chances of forming high blood pressure are doubled when you are obese. This can lead to severe heart and circulatory problems, even strokes, that have been known to claim lives.

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