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Weight Loss -- Are You Ready?

In a hurry to loss your weight?
Top Weight Loss Pills


While there is often a lot of talk about weight loss and the benefits of it, you will only begin a weight loss program if and when you yourself are ready.

Of course you'll check with your physician first and chances are, he or she will be wholeheartedly behind your efforts at weight loss.

But until you yourself have decided to make the first step, no one can do it for you. Your clothes fit too tight.

Or maybe your physical girth makes daily tasks hard and now you're starting to feel self-conscious about it. Or maybe you're tired of not having the energy and stamina for a simple walk to the mailbox.

Snug stitches

If you notice that it's a bit harder to zip your pants or button your shirts, you may be ready for a weight loss program. When your arms feel snug going into your sleeves, or your thighs rub together when you walk, you may be ready for a weight loss program. As you realize that your clothes don't fit anymore, that's a big read flag.

If you see that your clothes are ill-fitting then other people are noticing it too. Perhaps your friends and relatives are too polite to mention it, but they see it. A popped button. A split seam. A busted zipper. All of these are signs that perhaps it's time for your weight loss program to begin.

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Do you feel self-conscious in a swimsuit? Do you hesitate before sitting in an office chair? Have you forgotten the last time you saw your feet? Have small children made unintentionally rude comments about your size? Have you noticed snickers or whispering?

It is very possible that your tighter clothing may not give you the impetus to begin a weight loss program but that your self confidence about your appearance is what does. If you don't feel comfortable in your own skin, you'll feel insecure and not yourself.

These insecurities will carryover into other parts of your life, and then your professional and social lives will suffer.

Lack of stamina and energy

Maybe you realize you can't walk to the bus stop without getting out of breath. Or bending over to tie your shoes leaves you feeling dizzy.

 Climbing stairs may be a problem. Even sitting on the couch on a nice day leaves you sweating and breathless. For reasons like this, you may think you're hopelessly out of shape and overweight.

But with a weight loss program in place, you can make progress and begin slimming down, increasing your ability, agility, and endurance. No matter how much you hear about weight loss from the media, your family physician, and your friends and relatives, until you are ready to begin, a weight loss program will fail.

Once you are motivated to get started, whether it's because your clothes don't fit, you're too self-conscious about your appearance, or your lack of endurance and physical ability, then you can look forward to a successful weight loss program.

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