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After Weight Loss - Shopping for Your New Body

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When you have changed your diet and started an exercise program that brings results, you'll notice that your clothes begin to fit differently after weight loss.

No longer can you keep wearing the same outfits that just don't fit right, or simply hang. Weight loss is a great reason to go on a shopping spree for new outfits that fit your new physique.

With just a few carefully selected pieces, a couple of new tops, a new skirt and pair of pants, and some elegant jewelry and accessory choices, you can turn your weight loss achievements into a whole new look for a whole new you!


As your body shape changes due to weight loss, many of your shirts, blouses, and sweaters may not fit properly. Sleeves may hang, hems are off, and the extra fabric of that extra-large size just looks bulky. Don't hide behind your super-large clothes.

Celebrate your weight loss! Buy more form-fitting tops. Three-quarter sleeves will help camouflage flabby upper arms if you've lost a significant amount of weight there while accentuating your smaller body. Shirts with a tailored look, untucked, can give you a smooth silhouette and highlight your new waist.

Vee-necked tops elongate the neck, emphasizing your weight loss even more. Choose vertical patterns to emphasize up and down. Choose small and dainty prints instead of large, bold prints.

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Pants and skirts

Buy pants and skirts that accentuate your waist and hips. Your old, pre-weight loss pants and skirts probably hang off your body now. While you might think you can get away with just a belt, chances are the excess fabric just bunches up too much now and looks frumpy, not fresh and new.

You've made a huge achievement with your weight loss; you feel good, now make sure you look good. Skip the pants and skirts that are pleated; a smooth outline will accentuate your weight loss and create strong lines.


Make the most of your weight loss. Add pretty bangles or a fancy watch to draw attention to your slimmer wrists. Chandelier earrings will draw the eye up and highlight your stronger jawline.

If your weight loss has revealed pretty legs and ankles, you may want to invest in a pretty ankle bracelet, to draw attention to your most attractive feature. Think of accessories as the icing on the cake, like those pretty sugared flowers that everyone loves to ooh and ahh over.

Now that your weight loss program is in full swing and you've made enough progress that your weight loss is fairly significant, you know that your pre-weight loss clothes just won't fit the same.

You should reward yourself and motivated yourself to keep up the good work with a new wardrobe. Even a few pieces will do wonders for your motivation.

Choose flattering shirts, blouses, and sweaters. Pick pants and skirts that are the right size, instead of just belting them and working around the excess waistband. And emphasize your prettiest features will well-chosen accessories. Now that you've had success with weight loss, show it off!

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