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Diet And Tips For Weight Loss After Baby

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Many women crave to get back in their normal shape after pregnancy. But a great deal of caution is needed for weight loss after baby. Normally a woman gains about 25-35 pounds at the time of pregnancy. Experts have provided with some healthy diet and tips for weight loss after baby. 

These tips are as follows:

Breastfeeding: An effective way for weight loss after baby. One of the important reasons your body puts on weight during the pregnancy period is to store the caloric energy. You will lose of lot of baby fat in the process of breastfeeding your baby.

Exercise: An important factor which contributes for weight loss. It helps you to shed off the extra pounds you had gained during your pregnancy. Begin with a slow exercise program and low impact exercises like, swimming, yoga, walking etc.

Initially a 10 minute exercise routine should be taken up and later on increased to a 30 minute workout. These help to reduce the excess fat gained and keeps you healthy.

Strength training and aerobic exercises help to burn more calories and keeps your muscles strong and well toned. Stress is also relieved, as a newborn can deprive you of sleep.

Eat Healthy: Eating habits contribute a lot for weight loss after baby. Eating healthy is a must for you and your baby. It is necessary to balance out your proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Eat 5 portions of fruits and vegetables, including leafy and roots everyday.

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Load up with nutrient diets: If you are a new mother, your body needs extra nutrients ad proteins, as you are nursing your baby. Some nutritional diets for weight loss after baby are:

Fish: Fish is rich in DHA, an essential omega-3 fatty acid. It helps your baby develop a healthy brain and nervous system. Most of the fishers are excellent DHA related sources.

Milk and Yoghurt: These products are high in calcium and good for your bones. Go in for low fat milk or yoghurts as they are low in calories.

Lean meat, chicken and beans: These are rich in proteins and fiber and low in fat and the stomach is kept full. These diets are full of nutrients and a good way for weight loss after baby.

Water: A new mother has to have as much as water so that you do not get dehydrated. It also fills you up and speeds up your metabolism rate.

Sleep: Being deprived of sleep is common when a new born is at home. You must at least get 7 hours of sleep as this may help for your weight loss after baby.

When you are tired, cortisol is released from your body along with other stress hormones that promote weight gain. You will need to make sure that you sleep only after you baby is fast asleep.

If you find the above tips and diets difficult to follow or are facing some health issues, you can always consult your doctor and dietitian for advice for the weight loss after baby

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