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Activities Carried Out In Weight Loss Programme

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Now-a-days in the global world most of the people are suffering with obesity mainly because of their eating habits, work Routine, sedentary life style and the increasing fast food restaurants.

A person can know whether he is overweight or not, by checking his Body Mass index (BMI). If it is more than 30, it is the right time to opt for a weight loss program. Now there are many online resources and good centers as well, available which offer weight loss program. 

What does a weight loss programme offer: It is a structured and gradual process with modest activities which help to reduce a persons’s weight in a healthy and systematic way. The staff connected to this programme will be a variety of health professionals such as nutritionists, doctors, psychologists and physiotherapists.

The foremost thing they provide is basic counselling needed which helps to change a person’s eating habits, mindset and life style factors that lead to laziness. 

Weight-loss program include therapies such as aromatherapy, cellulite treatment, balanced and nutritional diet plan, moderate exercises, workout plan, yoga asana, pranayama, meditation techniques, breathing exercises and stress reduction treatment. 

Health experts suggest starting your day with a glass of water because drinking more water helps to flush out toxins from the body. The Key Steps followed in a weight loss programme are -

Healthy Diet Plan: This is a low fat food eating, designed by nutritionists and health experts. In this plan a balanced diet without undereating or overeating needs to be followed. They provide all dietary supplements which help pretty much to reduce weight in a healthy way.

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Here doctors prefer to eat 4 to 5 smaller meals every 3 to 4 hours instead of taking large meals 3 times in a day. Eating raw fresh fruits instead of juices and vegetables plays a vital role to cut down overweight. 

Art of learning yoga: This weight loss programme practices yoga routine which consists of asanas that is an excellent treatment to lose over weight. We can learn pranayama and breathing exerices that stimulates metabolism, strengthens body fitness and increases body flexibility.

Yoga improves mental balance and majorly helps in stress reduction because yoga connects body to mind. Moderate exercise and work out plans: The weight loss programme staff will train us in doing morning workouts because metabolism activity in the mornings is more rapid.

So a morning workout with an empty stomach, for 30-45 minutes burns more fats. They suggest workouts on tread mills and quality exercise equipment depending upon the person’s needs and his longterm sustainability. This fitness regime increases body’s natural ability to burn extra fats and increases its energy levels. 

Food prescribed not to eat in a weight loss programme: Food that is strictly a big ‘NO’ in a weight loss campaign and to be permanently followed is like -one needs to stop drinking regular & diet sodas.

Stop intake of fatty content like Sweets, sugar, Hamburgers, potato chips, cookies, candies, ice creams, cakes, fried items. One should cut down drinking alcohol and smoking and replace coffee with green tea to lose weight in a healthy manner. 

Self hypnosis technique: In this technique a person learns how to get rid of the cultivated bad habits rooted in his subconscious mind.

Implementing this technique helps a person to quit smoking, drinking alcohol, imblanced intake of food, unorganized sleeping habits which can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and other health hazards. Thus weight loss programme plays a vital role in a persons’s life to get out of the major obesity problem.

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