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Simple, Easy And Quick Weight Loss Recipes

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Are you trying to reduce some of your inches and lose pounds? Do you want to see quick weight loss results by making small changes in your life? Just by making some alterations in your diet, you can achieve amazing results in your weight loss goals and stay healthy for lifetime. Some of the recipes that can help you to lose weight faster are given below. 

There are loads of recipes that promote healthy and quick weight loss and it is difficult to compile all of them in just one article. Even chefs and nutrition experts are experimenting different combination of recipes to produce some delightful dishes which not only promotes weight loss but also pampers your taste buds. 

Some Easy Recipes

Taco Salad:


Cup Lettuce 
Tomato (Cut up)
5 oz. beef of choice
Oregano, Pepper and Morton Lite Salt
Dash of Onion Powder
1pkg. Italian Fat-Free Low Carb Dressing

1 Protein and 1 Vegetable

Mix up all the ingredients together to make Taco Salad which is highly nutritious and promotes quick weight loss. 

Peach Crepe:


1 Peach
2 Eggs

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1 Fruit and 1 Protein

Just chop peach into small pieces. You will need to cook the pieces of peach with equal and spice till it gets tender and syrupy. Scramble eggs and spread it over a pan making a thin layer. Add some of the peach mixture over the top after the egg is cooked. Your peach crepe is ready now. 

Broccoli and Cheese Casserole:


1 Cup Broccoli
6 oz. Cottage Cheese (1% Fat)
5 oz. Water
1 pkg. cream of chicken soup supplement
1 Vegetable, 1 Protein, 1 Supplement


Combine all the ingredients after you boil broccoli. Make sure the broccoli gets tender. Just pour the prepared supplement over the mixture. Bake it at 350 for 15 minutes. Enjoy the low fat casserole which will promote quick weight loss. 

Other than weight loss recipes, it is the workout session that takes off the calorie content from your body. It is good to eat less which will reduce the calorie intake and will get converted to energy much faster but it is equally important to exercise and stay fit. 

Combination of muscle building and cardio, works best for quick weight loss but it is crucial to incorporate all the major four workouts. Stretching is something which increases your flexibility along with weight loss. Core strength works on toning your body and prevents internal injuries. 

Your body should get jerks in terms of exercises because sudden change in your exercising pattern can show excellent results on your weight loss figures. Try to incorporate new activity and intensity in your exercises to see good and faster results. 

Keep a track record of all the activities and their timings. You will also need to maintain a record of how fast and how far you run. Setting goals is the first thing but maintaining records is equally important for you to see how closer you have got towards your weight loss goals. 

Just remember increasing your heart rate will promote quick weight loss better than any other form of exercise.

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