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Breaking The Stubborn Flab With Weight Loss Exercises

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Search around in magazines and the internet, and you will find zillions of weight loss programs from myriad experts vying for your attention. Many programs will charge you a fortune and promise you weight loss in 3 or 4 weeks. However, let me give you some weight loss exercises which are simple and yet the most effective ones around.


Running is probably the oldest human activity and still the single most effective activity if you want to lose weight. You may find running too taxing on your body, so you should start by walking anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes on a daily basis 

While running, it is important to remember that you are not in a race with anybody. Running faster doesn’t help you lose weight much. Running slowly is more effective that fast running. Once you get used to it, you will find that running is actually one of the most pleasurable weight loss exercises around. 


This is another very effective exercise for losing weight gradually and to retain and ideal weight for long time. In fact, this is the best exercise to start with if you like swimming for people who are especially overweight. Such people find it difficult to walk or jog for more than a few minutes since it puts some amount of pressure on their joints. 

Swimming, on the other hands does not put any pressure on the joints and puts the muscles into work. Moreover, swimming, unlike most other weight loss exercises, sets all parts of your body into motion, thus helping you get into a great all round shape. 

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Weight training: 

You might thing that weight training is only for those who want to build those huge muscles. However, it is actually a very good weight losing exercise as well. Moreover, weight lifting need not be difficult for you either. You will be starting out with very small weights such as 2-3 lbs. 

Weight losing exercises do not need you to lift heavy weights. Instead you need to be lifting smaller weights, but do more repetitions. For example, instead of lifting 10 lbs. 10 times, you would be much better off lifting 3 lbs. and doing about 30 repetitions each day. 

One more thing: 

It is very important that you complement your weight losing exercises with a good diet. For starts, you should stop consuming those burgers and French fries on a regular basis. By doing that, you are essentially negating all the hard work that you put into your exercises. 

Also, for more effective weight loss, you should be drinking at least 8-10 glass of water, so that your body is replenished and also, as a side effect, you feel less hungry. 

Final words:

The exercises mentioned above do take some effort, though not much. Also you should do these exercises regularly to see tangible results. However, you should realize that they are much better than losing weight in just a few weeks, only to find yourself gaining weight back in a few months and having to start over again. 

You will notice that the weight loss exercises mentioned above are quite simple and you might even be tempted to ignore them in favor of other expensive programs. However, remember that the activities that help you lose weight slowly are always the ones that will help you maintain an ideal weight for the rest of your life.

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