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Healthy Foods For Weight Loss Programs

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The successful way for the weight loss programs is to eat healthy foods in fewer calories. We can live longer and healthier by taking balanced diet. Good food habits and being physically active helps us to be healthy. We should eat moderate portions of healthy food and avoid eating unhealthier food. Let us have a look at the foods that are ideal for weight management.


Fruits are the good sources of fibre and they contain low calories. Therefore, they have been highly recommended in almost all weight loss programs. 

Antioxidants in the fruits help us to improve our metabolism. Apples and pears have a soluble fibre called pectin which controls the blood sugar level. They also help us in preventing the urge to eat the snacks in between the meals. Strawberries are rich in fibre and contain very low calories. They also have a lot of water content.


Vegetables also help us in the weight loss programs successfully. To achieve the health benefits, it is better to consume colourful vegetables everyday. Different types of antioxidants provide us different health benefits. Digestive hormone called polycystokinin help in suppressing the appetite. This hormone level can be increased by adding beans in our diet.


Nuts are rich in protein and fibre. Nuts can strengthen our body. They are undoubtedly considered as the healthy food in various weight loss programs. Nuts has nutrients such as foliate, zinc, magnesium and phosphorous. 

Instead of consuming unhealthy snacks, consuming the nuts is always a better choice. They help in lowering the cholesterol levels even among the people with high cholesterol. They also contain proteins that are low in saturated fat and are good for health.

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Green Tea:

Green Tea is rich with catechins, which is a polyphenol, and this antioxidant helps to burn the fat and to speed up the metabolism. Therefore green tea is a very popular ingredient in most of the weight loss programs.

By using green tea, the cholesterol level can be controlled. This also helps in lowering the LDL cholesterol. Green Tea with Oolong Tea is useful in reducing weight. Green tea is also a healthy addition in our diet.


The main food mostly eaten in the world is carbohydrates. There are complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are very integral factors in all the weight loss programs since they get used up as the fuel for functioning of the body. 

Carbohydrates anomaly obtained from wheat, rice, corn and oats. It is always recommended to consume the foods with balanced amount of carbohydrates.

Pulses are also essential for the weight loss programs because they supply energy and immunity to our body. Pulses are also rich in B vitamins and also considered as healthy raw diet. 

Whole protein foods such as eggs, milk, etc. help us to feel fuller longer. 


Water is essential for our diet. Drinking at least eight glasses of this universal solvent everyday protects us from dehydration and it also eliminates toxins from our body.

The balanced diet plan from which the body receives all the major nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fat which are essential for the body, offer proper support for the weight loss programs. Always eat healthy foods in moderate portions to keep the weight under control.

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