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Advice For Teens - Weight Control Methods That Don't Work

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Teen, especially the female teens are the biggest users of diet products in the entire world. 

This comes from the conceived notions of beauty that are instilled in our young people when they enter the crowd at school and begin a social life. 

Of course there is very little in the media that is helpful for this problem as well. The celebrities of the world do not make things easy for the teen girls of the world. 

Because the thin look is most definitely in for the time being, the teens of the world are sometimes willing to go to extreme measures to control or lose weight. 

There are many of these methods that are extremely dangerous to say the least and have been known to lead to serious health problems.

The death rate among teens who are obsessed about their weight is staggering and it call can be blamed on extreme weight loss methods. That is why it is so important for people to understand that these weight loss methods are not only ineffective but also dangerous. 

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Lets take a look at some of the weight loss methods that have little or no effect on the control of weight despite the fact that they are very popular with teens.


The starvation diet is the most popular method for teens to attempt to lose weight. While at one time it was believed that this would cause weight loss, it is now known that it can actually cause teens to gain weight. 

There is no evidence that an unsupervised person can lose weight with the starvation diet. While it is true that doctors will sometimes use this to treat severe obesity in teens, those patients are severely over weight. It requires at least a one hundred pound increase to have any effect.

The fact is that starvation only triggers the bodies natural response to store calories in fat. This means that the body is not burning the calories but instead storing them up to make sure it has enough to create the energy that is needed for survival. 

This is a leading cause of binge eating for teens and also leads to several health problems and could cause death if not taken care of right away.


For years teens have believed that extreme use of laxatives can lead to weight loss. This is certainly not true. The body has defense systems against such weight loss and it will begin to rebel again such intrusions. 

For the most part the body will only expel water when the laxatives are taken and the weight will stay the same. 

Loss of hydration is very common with this supposed weight loss trial. Many people will become weak and need medical attention from over use of laxatives. Eventually the bowels will become dependent upon the laxatives and will no longer offer regular bowel movements. 

This can cause chronic constipation which is not curable and can cause severe pain and cramping. Even though it is offered by many herbalists, colon cleansing does not cause a person to lose weight and has no effect on laxative addiction.

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