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What Other Factors Influence Weight Gain?

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There are many things that decide whether or not we are going to gain weight. The fact is that every person in the world is different.

No one person can say that a weight loss program is going to work for every person.

Why is that? Because as previously mentioned, we are all different. Take the difference between parents and children.

Two people can have a child. Now the parents are over weight and have trouble losing weight when they try.

The child however may not gain any weight and be very thin for their entire life. This is a common issue. The genetic make up of the parents when combined formed a different out come for the child.

This does not happen all the time and you may very well inherit the over weight genes from your parents, but there is no evidence to say that it will happen.

You may end up completely different than your parents and have a great track record of success in the weight loss department. Still, there are a good many factors that can influence whether or not we gain weight.

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Genetic Inheritance

There are some people that try and try to lose weight and can never seem to make a difference. It is possible that through their parents they inherited such a gene. Now then, there is the chance that your parents do not have this problem, but they may very well have been carriers of the gene and simply passed it on to you.

You may have inherited a gene that affects glands, which are a big issue behind weight gain. Many people can eat a healthy diet, exercise daily and get plenty of rest, yet they will continue to gain weight. This is because they have the genes that tell their glands to be over active. This is only corrected with medication and possible surgery.


While it may not be fair, men tend to gain weight a lot less than women. It is a proven fact that men carry more muscle than women. The muscle in the male body requires more calories to maintain, therefore the calories that are taken in are burned through the muscle and fewer are turned into fat. 

Men are also known to have a higher metabolic rate in most cases. This means that men will burn fat and calories at a higher rate than women which causes less weight to be added on a regular basis.


Age is a big factor when it comes to weight gain. When we are young our metabolism is much higher and therefore we can burn through the calories and fat at an increased rate.

When we get older, like the age of twenty, we start to lose some of that metabolic rate. Studies have shown that we lose this at a rate of two percent per year. This is the main reason why people who are older may gain weight even though they are maintaining the same lifestyle they did when they were younger.

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