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Change Four -- Lose More!

In a hurry to loss your weight?
Top Weight Loss Pills


The idea of losing weight can be overwhelming. So many things to remember -- calorie counts, portion sizes; it's enough to frustrate you before you even start.

But when you break it down into smaller, more manageable steps, you'll see it's not that difficult and the improvement will be a strong motivator to keep going and stick to the health and wellness plan you and your doctor have set up.

Here are four simple tips to help you get started.

Eat breakfast every day

When you skip breakfast, you may think you're helping yourself lose weight but in fact the opposite is happening. Your body thinks it's not going to get any food and so begins to go into starvation mode, slowing metabolism and hoarding calories, not wanting to get rid of a single one because it thinks you might need it.

Eating breakfast every day is a key part of any weight loss plan. Your body is a machine and it needs fuel to run properly. Also, skipping breakfast will make you hungrier at lunch, since your body is so starved for energy.

So you'll load up on lunch and dinner, eating more than you normally would and not losing weight, and absolutely defeating the purpose of skipping breakfast.

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Skip the coffeehouse drinks

Sure, you think, it's just coffee. But made with cream, sugary syrups, and whipped cream, those fancy coffeehouse drinks that taste so good pack a calorie wallop that will ruin your weight loss goals for the day.

They're more like dessert! There's just no place for them in your diet if you're hoping to lose weight. If you can't curb your caffeine fix, stick to regular brewed coffee. Lighten it with skim milk and use an artificial sweetener. It may take some getting used to, but it's a pretty easy way to avoid several hundred calories. 

Choose healthy between-meal snacks

If you're going to have a snack, choose wisely. Losing weight is hard enough. Don't deprive yourself completely, that will only make it harder to stick with your weight loss program. Choose snacks like apple slices and peanut butter, a small amount of cheese, or nuts.

Do some research and find out what snacks will make you feel fuller longer, and which snacks can give you needed vitamins and minerals.

Fill up that plate

Yep, fill that plate. A small one, that is. Ditch the big dinner plate in favor of a smaller one. The plate will still appear full even though there's less on it. It's a clever way of helping yourself lose more weight without even noticing you've reduced your portion sizes.

No need to stress about measuring this or weighing that. The simple fact that there's less room on the plate to begin with makes this little weight loss trick effortless.

With just a few minor changes to your eating habits, you can make a significant difference in the amount of weight loss you'll see when you step on the scale. It's easy -- change four to lose more!

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