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How to Help Your Spouse Lose Weight

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You may have noticed the addition of a few pounds here and there over the years but you've been too considerate to mention it.

Now that your spouse is serious about losing weight, it's your job to be as supportive as you can.

Your help can make all the difference in the world. That doesn't mean sabotaging her diet with forbidden treats or pestering him with questions every time he puts something in his mouth.

It's actually quite easy!

Encourage physical activity

Why not suggest a walk after dinner? Losing weight will be the last thing on her mind as you stroll the neighborhood, taking some down time for yourselves to re-connect.

The physical activity will help both of you lose weight, while the alone time will do wonders for your marriage. Instead of turning on the dishwasher after dinner, spend time together in the kitchen, one washes the dishes and one dries.

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Keep it cooking in the kitchen

Make weight loss a family affair. There's no reason that your spouse should have a special dieter's dinner. Get out the cookbooks and help in the kitchen. Turn losing weight into a culinary adventure. Learn to use new spices and seasonings in place of high-fat ingredients.

It's a whole lot easier to stick to a diet that's going to help you lose weight if you're not the only one eating it. That will only make your spouse feel more self-conscious and maybe even sabotage her efforts! Besides, a little healthy eating never hurt anyone. It'll be good for you, too!

Don't rub it in

No fair eating your favorite treat in front of a weight loss-focused spouse! Have a little compassion and re-think your snacking. Temptation is a mighty powerful force. She's already struggling with it daily.

Your parading around with ice cream or chocolate or pie will only make it harder for her to keep pursuing her weight loss goals, and that will cause resentment and anger. Show your support by following his lead and choosing more fruits and vegetables, like bananas or carrot sticks for snacking.

Be positive

A little encouragement goes a long way. Skip the teasing. Giving your husband or wife a lot of emotional support will help build the self-confidence and motivation that's key to losing weight successfully.

Help keep his spirits up by giving him an incentive to keep going, say watching the ball game or helping with a dreaded chore.

Surprise him with a favorite dish that's been revised to be healthier and more nutritious. Showing your dieting spouse just a little extra love and affection, in word and deed, can go a long way in making their weight loss journey a productive one.

See how easy it is to help? With just a small effort on your part, you can help give your spouse the motivation and support that he or she needs in order to lose weight successfully. And you know, she's say she owes it all to you.

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