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Do More Housework, Lose More Weight

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Who has time for housework these days?

We're all so busy, between work, school, taking care of the kids, the pets, our parents, our spouse... it's a wonder that anything gets done at all, let alone worrying about losing weight.

But with a few simple changes around the house, you can burn more calories and lose weight faster than you expected to. Here's how:

Clean regularly

When we're really busy, it's tempting to let the housework slide, especially at the end of a long day. But if you're trying to lose weight, make that regular cleaning a more like a workout instead. If you usually clean your house once a week, make it twice a week and double the calories burned.

It will definitely help you lose more weight than sticking with your usual housekeeping routine. Besides, it's hard to argue with a clean house, especially when you look so great in it after losing that weight. If you already clean several times a week, add more tasks to your list.

Make up the beds with fresh linens more often. Climb a ladder and dust the high shelves. Wash the window blinds. You get the idea. Every little bit helps you lose weight.

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Use some elbow grease

We've got so many time-saving products for cleaning these days. They're not going to help you lose weight though, that's for sure. And that's what it's all about: finding new ways to lose weight doing things you've already got on your daily or weekly to-do list.

For example, if you're cleaning the bathroom, skip the sprays that do the work for you.

Grab a rag or sponge and some basic cleaning supplies and scrub that tub. Make the sink shine. Forgo the mop and scrub that bathroom floor. You'll get quite a workout, and you'll burn a lot of calories too, losing weight while you clean. You'll use muscles you forgot you had!

Do it Grandma's way

Grandma didn't have so many modern conveniences. And if you don't use yours quite as often, it will help you lose weight also. Next time you're doing laundry, don't use the dryer. Grab that heavy laundry basket of wet wash and carry it out to the wash line in the backyard.

All that bending and stretching while you hang the laundry out to dry will help you be more active in a day and help you lose weight. Don't use the dishwasher. Wash the dishes by hand. Then dry them and put them in the cupboards right away.

Going back to the way your grandmother did things is an effortless way to burn more calories and lose more weight. With just a few minor adjustments in your normal routine, you can really make a difference in your weight loss program.

Small changes are the easiest to implement, and house cleaning is something you're already doing anyway, so to add these simple ideas to your own housework. You'll be amazed at how much it helps you lose weight.

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