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Herbal Weight Loss

In a hurry to loss your weight?
Top Weight Loss Pills


Weight loss has become the buzzword of the modern society, thanks to the ever-expanding number of people falling in the obese category.

The modern day living ways, with more of sedentary life style and less of physical activities, coupled with the habit of people only relying on ‘fast food’ have been drawing large chunk of the population into this group.

Apart from making people look handsome it also leads to various ailments, which can even, be fatal. So, people want to go on a weight loss programme.

And various options are available today, which range from physical exercise to dieting and to application of medicinal supplement. Unfortunately, with a view to get the result fast people resort to a combination of all the methods, which, in stead of helping, actually harms leading to side effects.

Moreover, the weight loss achieved in a short span of time becomes difficult to maintain. Herbal medicinal treatment is one of the remedies and some claim it to be one of the best. In this method, the weight loss is achieved gradually. The medicines that are used are natural herbs.

Hence, it is believed that the weight loss of the body achieved through them is more akin to the weight loss gained through physical exercises and dietary choices. But here, caution must be taken to select the suitable type of herbal medicines, taking into account the body, climatic condition and lifestyle.

It should also be borne in mind that the companies that sell the herbal products claim them to be free from any side effects, which in reality is not so. These herbal medicines generally work by:

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Increasing the formation of urine - thus releasing more water from the body. 

Bringing in a sense of full bowel both by increasing the level of serotonin and also by stimulation of the central nervous system. 

The commonly used herbs that are used for weight loss are 


Originally, this was used for viral fever this now-a-days is being used for weight loss. Although use of this herb is proscribed in a long-term basis, as it might lead to various side effects like hypertension, sleep disorders and diabetes, its effectiveness for weight loss has made many people to go for it.

CASCARA (Chittem bark)

This herb has been a popular choice of many people due to the fact it is reputed to cleanse the body system internally. Pregnant women should not use it though.

That apart, concoctions of many herbs, which may be leaves,or roots of plants, are used as medicinal supplement to maintain the weight loss. Since they are all natural, they are believed to have more efficacies without having many side effects.

Some people also claim that drinking the juice of neem leaves, also leads to weight loss as it cleanses the body. But it has also to be borne in mind that along with these medicines, a strict dietary regiment and physical exercise programme are to be adopted to have the maximum benefit.

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