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Weight Loss Diet

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The simplest and most widely adopted way of achieving weight loss is by going on diet control.

But many people do the mistake of randomly shunning all kinds of foods, which at times, though leads to weight loss, also destabilises the metabolism of the body.

This is not always a desirable thing. Sometimes, strict avoidance of food makes the person so hungry that he ends up overeating later.

This way, the endeavour for weight loss gets defeated. Hence, while embarking on a diet control programme, it is prudent to consult a dietician. This is more so, when the person is suffering from over weight problem.

Type of Diets

Before going on a dieting programme, it is imperative that one should know the different types of diets and their suitability on ones own self. Nowadays, a number of companies in the market claim instantaneous result.

Hence, utmost caution is to be maintained while selecting the diet plan and also not to rush through it, that is, to have realistic and practical approach.

Invariably, while losing weight at a fast pace, the body muscles also losses water along with the fat, which have its deleterious effects, like dehydration and burning of small amount of calorie due to loss of body muscle.

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Atkin’s diet: - This type of diet plan is based on the theory of decreasing the amount of carbohydrate intake through food. High amount of carbohydrate through food increases the level of insulin in the body, which leads to higher level of hunger and cravings food.

Thus, by limiting the consumption of high carbohydrate rich foods like sugar, milk, bread etc, the appetite would be reduced and the person would gobble up less amount of food and the body fat would be used up for energy.

This kind of diet plan is easy to follow, not involving any forbidden food list, and not much planning is necessary.

But, since this diet plan restricts the intake of fruits, the body is bereft of the essential nutrients. That apart, the high intake of protein might inhibit the function of kidney and also might increase in the cholesterol level of the body.

Zone Diet

This diet pattern has been devised by Barry Sears and is followed by many people who are on a weight loss programme. This diet is based on the theory the body should get its calories in equal proportions from the carbohydrate, fat and proteins. The proportion is 40% from protein and 30% each from fat and carbohydrate.

That way, the body would perform well and weight loss would be achieved.

But it is obvious from the proportion, that here also, the body doesn’t get its supply of essential nutrients from this and also the proportions mentioned hasn’t got any proven scientific backing about the claim that the body is at it active and efficient best while on this diet.

The good thing about this plan is that apart from being a simple plan to follow, it also encourages a balanced diet and also the fact that weight loss is achieved through this.

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