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Weight Loss Goals

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Although it beyond any argument that weight loss is desirable and most people know it, it is also a fact that many people abandon the weight loss programme midway due to various reasons.

Bear in mind that all these people are very sensible, knowing very well what to do and what not do - how to achieve the weight loss and all that.

Yet, still there is a high percentage of people who are defaulters in the weight loss programme. The initial enthusiasm just tapers off gradually only to fall back into the old self.

This is largely due to the fact that at the beginning some primary yet important factors are overlooked. Here setting a goal, that too a realistic one, is a highly imperative. The person who sets on a weight loss programme has to decide about his motivational level from the very beginning.

Is he really motivated enough to go through the strict dieting and exercise regimen? Or it is just that pressure from friends or to enjoy the company of them, that he is joining the health club? These are some of the questions he should ask himself.

He has to motivate himself sufficiently so as to sustain it throughout the weight loss programme. In order to achieve this, proper counselling might also be necessary. The counsellors suggest various techniques and ways to keep the motivation level during the weight loss programme in tact. They can be as follow:

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Be Realistic

It is important the one should be realistic in setting the goal for weight loss instead of harbouring lofty ideas about it. Otherwise, the routine will be too arduous to follow especially in the later stage. One should not get swayed away by the tall claims made by the companies of achieving a dramatic weight loss in short span of time.

Be Pragmatic About Failure

Although one might fail, one should have faith in one’s ability to attain the weight loos ultimately. ‘May be in another one or two months, I will lose weight’ – this is what one should be thinking.

That is, to be in ever in a positive frame of mind. Also try to look back at what you have achieved during the weight loss programme even though it may not be satisfactory.

Weight Loss Programme is to Keep You Healthy

The weight loss programme that has been taken up is to make the body healthy and to promote a better living. It is not to look like film star or any sports person. The weight loos will of course make people more presentable, but the primary aim is to make the body fit. It is not to build the biceps.

How to set a Goal For Weight Loss

Since going on a weight loss programme is a lonely journey, to avoid the distraction the goals should be written. They should be such that, they should be easy to attain initially and as the level of self-confidence increases higher targets should be set.

It could be made livelier by rewarding oneself. It may sound frivolous, but such is the vagaries of the weight loss programme that many people who are otherwise sensible enough, leave it midway.

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