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Weight Loss Supplements

In a hurry to loss your weight?
Top Weight Loss Pills


In an age when the body has not only become a measure of your fitness, but also become a fashion statement, a lot of emphasis is being put on weight loss.

From finding a match to getting a job, in every field the body weight counts a lot. Peer pressures, if not the medical advices, make people conscious about weight loss.

In keeping pace with the ever-increasing demand for weight loss among the populace, due to an aesthetic sense or by the impediments that obesity brings on, different medical companies have come up with different medications to allure the people for weight loss.

More importance is given towards fast results. At times, some companies claim of dramatic weight loss in a short span of time. Some others promise weight loss with minimum amount of physical activities.

In this context, it is for the patient or the person who wants weight loss, who has to decide which is the best option. As far as exercise and dieting goes, there is not much scope for the various companies to allure their prospective customers as this revolves around the person.

It is in the matter of weight loss supplements, that they try to sell their products. So, the patient has to be very careful in deciding the medicines he should take for weight loss.

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The Weight Loss Supplements

The weight loss supplements are mostly prepared from herbs and they do not generally need a prescription to purchase them. They also claim a fast weight loss in order to attract people.

People generally fall for them, as most are loathe to exercise and a controlled diet. But unfortunately, in most cases, they do not yield the desired weigh loss. And sometimes, they are not as innocuous as they are claimed to be and have side affects.

Over the counter pills

Such supplements possess or claim to posses a number of ingredients and they are marketed as combination pills all over the world. Some of them contain green tea, ephedra, gingsen. pyruvate, glucoamnnan, the known ingredients for promoting weigh loss.

But, as these are over the counter medication and in most countries proper monitoring and labelling of these supplements are not done there is always a risk in using them for a prolonged period. Some of these supplements also have side affects like gastric, cardiovascular and psychiatric problems.

Most of these drugs do not meet the Food and Drug administration criteria. While in few cases, there is minor weight loss; in most cases it is waste of time and money. All these pills for weigh loss are available over the counter and do not need any prescription from a doctor.

Pills prescribe by doctors

The doctors also prescribe certain prescription pills for weight loss that require a certificate from the authorities before being marketed. Although the efficacies of such drugs are debatable, the patients could be sure of its minimal side affects as they go through tests before being marketed.

But it is a fact that the weight loss pills should be taken along with physical exercise and healthy diet to make it fruitful.

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