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Weight Loss Surgery

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With the number of obese people in world increasing day by say, a number of options are available for people for weight loss.

Invariably, the weight loss is achieved through a combination of methods like effective physical exercise routine, medicinal therapy and also hypnotism.

Sometimes unfortunately, most of these treatments do not yield any positive result and also the condition of the patient is such that it warrants immediate fat reduction.

As a result, the doctors advise the surgical method, as it is most useful in fast weight loss.

What is Weight Loss Surgery

During weight loss surgery, some gastric bypasses are conducted generally known as weight loss surgeries (WLS). These surgeries are conducted within the stomach and different types of surgeries are conducted to achieve weight loss.

The surgeon has to decide the most suitable method of surgery taking into account he patient’s physical condition, age and sex. The patient should also be taken into confidence, while deciding the mode of surgery.

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Types of Weight Loss Surgeries

In a general way, there are three ways in which the surgical process takes its effect in weight loss.

  • By limiting the requirement of food for the patient.

  • Prolonging the digestion period of food. 

  • A combination of both the practices. 

Vertical Banded Gastroplasty (VBG): - In this case, the stomach is divided into two parts through stapling. Food passes through the small upper portion first and then to the stomach, thus decreasing the capacity of the stomach.

The food remains in the smaller upper portion for a longer period, giving the patient the feeling of fullness for a longer period of time and his craving for food would be lessened. The success rate in this type of weigh loss surgery is high.

Gastric Bypass: - In this case, a bypass is made from the stomach to the lower part of the small intestine. That way the amount of food entering the stomach is lessened by which, the amount of calories the body gets is also reduced as large amount of the food is absorbed in the stomach due to its large area.

Hence, in this case, the intake of food is limited as also the amount of calories that gets absorbed in the body.

Weight Loss through Laparoscopic Technique

That apart, weight loss surgery is also conducted through laparoscopic technique wherein minimum amount of open incisions are made to achieve the desired result. In this method, video cameras, optical telescopes are placed inside the abdomen through small openings and through other incisions the surgery is conducted.

But the health of the patient is assessed carefully before going for this kind of surgeries. The post-operation care in form nutrition and physical activities is also very important in this case.

Lipsuction Surgery: - In this case, weight loss is achieved by removing fat from localised area surgically.

Before embarking upon weight loss surgery, it must be borne in mind that this surgery, like all surgeries also entails risks like infections etc. And the food habit should be regulated under the guidance of an expert.

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