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Weight Loss Through Green Tea

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Of late, many a people are achieving weight loss by taking green tea.

Although not many people are still aware of it, its popularity is gaining momentum as it is very easy to be used with absolutely no side effects and it efficacy in weight loss has been proved in certain quarters as well.

What is Green Tea?

Simply put, it is the tea that is made from the green tea leaves. Since ancient times, the Chinese have adopted this and it is claimed to the reason for their high longevity.

The black tea and the green tea are made from the same plant source that is the Camellia Sinensis. They differ only in the mode of preparation. While in case of black tea, the leaves are dried and fermented, while processing the green tea, fresh leaves are cooked in the steam by boiling water to conserve the inherent nutrients.

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How it works for weight loss?

The green tea helps in weight loss by burning the calories in the body by accentuating the overall metabolism of the body. The metabolism is increased by the production of noradrenalin hormone by epigallocatechin gallate. This, along with the caffeine in the tea decreased the craving for foods.

The different surveys conducted points that there is less fat in people who take the green tea over a long time. So taking the tea over the years obviates the need for going for weigh loss programme. That way, it acts as deterrent against obesity. Reportedly it can facilitate losing of up to 80 calories in a day in an average person.

It also blocks the secretion of digestive enzymes so that the foods with fat, do not get digested and in stead, are released through stools. Medical experts opine that catechin, which is found in green tea is responsible for the increase of oxidation and inhibits the movement of glucose within the fat cells.

This promotes weight loss around 2 pounds in a month. Consultation of doctors is also necessary as the green tea is known to contain high level of fluoride which is harmful for the health.

Although not up to the level producing flourosis with symptoms like dental caries, or decalcification of bones, still people having thyroid problems should consult the doctor before drinking the green tea on a regular basis for weight loss. Some people have high sensitivity towards caffeine.

Such people should not take green tea for weight loss as it might need to nervousness. Barring these above two, there are not any known side effects of green tea. As such, recent surveys point out that it is one of the safest modes of weight loss programmes.

But it should be also be borne in mind that optimum results can only be achieved through a combination of methods. The best way to use to take it as an extra tool, and should be used in conjunction with exercise and dieting.

How to get green tea?

They are readily available in markets. The dose is generally three cups in a day.

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