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Weight Loss Through Exercises

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To anybody who wants go on a weight loss programme, it is well known that he has go on a exercise regimen for this.

The medical experts also pass on this well-known secret smilingly and the ball is thrown onto the patient’s court.

Notwithstanding all the medicinal supplements, the dietary planning that are to be followed, one still has to exercise to get the weight loss - they would say.

But many people get confused about the kind of exercises they have to do for weight loss. And some even don’t seek any expert advice while taking it up for weight loss, which is very wrong. It is a fact that the exercises are case-specific.

Certain exercises, which might yield good weight loss in some people may not be at all successful for some other. That is, they are very much dependent upon the body structure of the individual.

Hence, before going on an exercise programme for weight loss, it is almost mandatory that one should take the advice of the doctor and get enlightened about few aspects about it as enumerated below:

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  • A time table should be maintained of the progress of weight loss i.e. weight loss per week or in every 10 days. The person’s body mass index record should also be maintained. This will help in monitoring the weight loss and also would keep him motivated. 

  • The family members and relatives should be warned from the beginning to dissuade the fellow to overeat in parties and get together. Also they would not cajole or plead him to take more food during such times.

After setting the goal, with the help of an expert, the set of exercises that are to be taken up should be decided. They may be cardio-vascular or strength training exercises.

Aerobic exercises

These exercises are most effective for weight loss. They may be walking, jogging, cycling, swimming etc. The types and duration of each of these should be based on the amount of weight loss needed for the person and also his capability.

For example, old persons cannot do strenuous jogging or swimming, so they have to go for simpler form of exercises. Sometimes, the coaches and experts make these exercises interesting to keep the motivation going.

Some experts claim that simply walking long distances is the most effective exercise for weight loss as it speeds up metabolism of the body.

Strength training exercises

Strength training exercises also help a lot for weight loss, especially when it is done combined with the cardio-aerobic exercises. In this case, the body muscles are used to pull and lift weights to tone up and increase the endurance level.

The main contribution of strength training exercises for weight loss is that, they burn high amount of calories. During this type of exercises, weight loss can also be achieved on specific muscles. It must be borne in mind that sufficient amount of water should be drunk while on the exercise programme.

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