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Weight Loss Through Spiritualism

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Gaining body weight in significant amount is considered to be a chronic illness. Especially people who are diabetic, this can be taken as a symptom for a lot of lot of diseases.

So, people embrace to different plans for weight loss. But at times, notwithstanding all the advised and endeavours on your part, still the weight loss eludes them.

So, for such people or even for people who are in the initial phase of the weight loss programme, should try this ancient but trusted way for achieving the result.

It is beyond any argument that ‘stress’ plays a vital role in making people obese. That is, the more stressed you are, more overweight you would be. Hence, by controlling the effect of stress on the body, it is possible to control the body weight. Weight loss through this programme is based on this theory.

Many a times, it is seen that people do not achieve the desired result in the weight loss programme, as they do not possesses the mental strength to follow the rigorous and often abhorred routine of diet plan. Spiritualism helps in this regard in a big way and weight loss can be achieved.

Hypnosis, meditation, yoga and reiki are some of the techniques, through which weight loss is achieved.

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Weight loss through Hypnosis

During hypnosis, the people’s deep-seated or subconscious behaviours are studied. For weight loss, the reasons for cravings for food are searched for. Addressing stress is of vital importance for achieving weight loss.

Through hypnotic suggestions, all kinds of inhibitions are driven out from the mind to lead the person through the process of self-realisation. That way, the metabolism is improved.

Weight loss through Meditation

It is known that most people despite their eagerness to go on a weight loss programme, are not able to achieve it or sometimes, although they follow the routine in a diligent way, still the expected result is not achieved. It is here, that the meditation really helps. The art of meditation is to have total control of you mind.

That is, to free it from any kind of distraction. Hence practised on a regular basis, it will help in lessening the cravings for food. Also, though one doesn’t really burn any calorie through mediation, weight loss is achieved through making the mind strong enough to stick to the plan.

Like hypnosis, meditation also helps in releasing the body and mind from the bondage of stress. So, done in collaboration of other techniques it really helps to achieve weight loss.

Weight loss through yoga

Of late, yoga has come into the forefront in almost all the health related issues. Weight loss through yoga is also no different. The different asanas, meaning the postures prescribed by the yogic teachers, themselves burn a lot of calories and also promote ones well being both physically and mentally.

Weight loss through Reiki

Like meditation, reiki also works to make the body and mind relax by taking the mind a level, where it tries to shed all the emotions that are responsible for overeating.

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